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These moderator covers offer help reduce the mirage effect from the heat build up inside the moderator whilst protecting the barrel. These covers are constructed from several layers of natural heat resistant materials combined with Kevlar and other heat resistant synthetic materials.

Praesidia Rifle Accessories

Follow the recommended instruction from the moderator manufacturer to ensure the correct inspection and maintenance is carried out. It is recommended that the moderator is removed from the firearm after firing to allow cooling before storage.

Praesidia Rifle Accessory Moderator Covers have been designed for use on bolt-action rifles. They have been rigorously tested to withstand normal competition or casual range days however they are NOT designed for or intended for a prolonged semi-automatic use where excess heat can build up in a short space of time.

We can accept returns on defects in materials, craftsmanship, and in the case of improper fit ONLY.

Praesidia Wildcat Predator 12 (340mm) Plus One Black